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Kahluas journey

Kahluas beautiful life

Kahluas journey

Tomorrow Is the big day

January 22nd, 2018 · 9 Comments · Uncategorized

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Hi everyone

tomorrow is my surgery day and my mom seems a bit anxious. She knows she’s making the right decision but that doesn’t make it any easier. My parents bought a bunch of mats yesterday and I was able to chase my ball down the carpet which I haven’t done in awhile. I love my ball it was one of my first toys. They also bought me a new bed which I’m not sure about yet. I’m pretty sure after my surgery my parents will have to carry me down the stairs for awhile I like being independent but will take it until I feel better. Good thing I’m little. I will keep you all posted how it goes tomorrow. Wish me luck!❤️

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  • rikntracy

    We’ll be sending you positive thoughts, and your parents, too for the easiest day possible and a successful surgery. Just take it easy and you’ll be up and running on 3 in no time!

    Tracy & Zatoichi

  • Stiletto

    Hey Kahlua!
    Today was my surgery, too!!! I’m jussssst waking up. Ya…something is missing all right. My parents and hooman sister are quite anxious too and keep crying. But I’m ok!!! I don’t get to go home for a couple days, but I’m pretty sleepy anyways.
    Hope you’re feeling better soon!!!! Your parents too 😉

  • dawn3g

    You’ll be in our thoughts, Kahlua. It’s a big day, but things will be so much better after. Sometimes the recovery is rough, but as we look back, it was nothing compared to the decision making and waiting for the surgery day.

    We restricted Fallon to downstairs after the surgery–blocked it right off and she stayed downstairs until she got her stitches out, like a week and a half-2 weeks. But then, the first thing she did once she was allowed was run upstairs. We used to lift her up and down off furniture, the bed, going downstairs, thinking the extra wear and tear on her remaining front leg could be avoided that way–except she hated it and wanted to be independent. We learned over time to trust her more and not baby her, and I am sure you’ll be the same, letting your Mom know what you’re capable of.

    Tell her to try not to worry–easier said than done, I know. It’s a big day. But you both have such positive energy all around you. We’re sending a big dose your way as well.

    Dawn and Fallon
    (and Paul and Maggie)

  • kahlua

    Thanks so much for your comments. It is really helpful. I just spoke with the surgery department for some last minute questions and they reassured me that everything will be ok. The best was when the technician told me how much they love kahlua and how kahlua really loves people. Something I already knew but nice to hear just the same. I’ve taken some time off from work and hoping surgery and recovery will be smooth of course. Boy this day came quickly glad it’s almost over❤️And we can move on

  • flemingo

    Good luck today Kahlua and mom! Keep us posted on how it goes.

  • flemingo

    How‘s Kahulua doing?

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